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It can be complicated to choose the best health insurance as an expat, especially when you’re not 100% fluent in the language of the canton you live in. Is there a way to make sure you choose the right insurance plan, even if you’ve just arrived in Switzerland? Can you navigate the intricacies of a complex system without speaking the language? Will you be able to benefit from your insurance to the fullest, in the long run?

The answer is a resounding YES to all of the above. Provided you work with the right health insurer. Request 'Call me back' below and an English speaking insurance adviser will contact you shortly to set up your health insurance at Switzerland's Number 1 Health Insurer. 

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The Swiss healthcare system in Switzerland has a global reputation of being outstanding thanks to its well-equipped medical facilities and dedicated medical professionals. But if you're a foreigner in Switzerland and you don't speak the local language, you might find it difficult to choose the right health insurer. 

New in Switzerland? Then you must be familiar with these hurdles:

  • Pressure to choose a health insurer. Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland and you have to make your choice of insurer within three months since your arrival. Most short-stay expats opt for international insurance, but if you plan to stay here for longer, you need a Swiss health insurer.

  • Understanding the system. The Swiss medical system can be complicated and hard to navigate for foreigners. There are various coverage and franchise options and there is no one-size-fits-all: everyone has different needs.

  • Trouble with understanding the lingo. Wrapping your head around a completely new system is hard enough, without having to do it in a foreign language.

  • Making sure the plan you choose offers optimal coverage in every event. Young people in good health can opt to pay lower premiums and higher deductibles, but you may need help striking the right balance between the two.

The natural tendency for expats is to opt for the most affordable package, but that means you won’t be fully benefitting from all that the system has to offer. Worse, you can end up paying even more out of pocket if you choose the wrong plan, which happens often when you have to deal with terms and conditions in a language you’re not fluent in. If you choose the wrong insurer, you’ll have to wait a year before you can switch to a new provider.

So why not get it right from the very beginning?

For over 10 years, SWICA has regularly held top positions for excellent customer service in surveys conducted by independent consumer services and publications. You can check their most recent customer satisfaction scores here


SWICA will help you navigate the intricacies of the Swiss medical system – all in English!


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Why should you choose SWICA as your health insurer?

Designed for expats

From the moment you contact SWICA you’ll have an expert team in your corner. SWICA offers English support and presentations of services, so you will never again feel lost trying to understand legal terms in a language you are not familiar with.

24/7 Free telemedicine consultations

With SWICA you'll benefit from free telemedicine consultations with physicians and medical professionals, around the clock, 24/7

Low co-payments

SWICA is one of the very few health insurers applying co-payments from basic insurance to those from SWICA supplementary insurance. This means that your maximum annual co-payments will be much lower when compared to other health insurers.

Generous contributions for health promotion and preventive healthcare

At SWICA, contributions towards health promotion and preventive healthcare (that means for exercise and well-being) are up to CHF 800/year.  You can also choose between a wide range of fitness centres and selected sports associations, courses and personal trainings. Detailed information here.

Equal consideration of conventional & complementary medicine

You'll be happy to know SWICA supports alternative therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional ones.

Home Nanny & Home Attendant Services

SWICA also offers services like the Home Nanny (personal care for your child in the event of illness or accident) or Home Attendant (your home and pets are in good hands in case you need to go to hospital or stay at a spa). 

Outstanding customer satisfaction

SWICA customers are among the happiest in Switzerland. SWICA has achieved top rankings in health insurance comparisons for over 10 years. 

Ready to find out how SWICA will benefit you and your loved ones?

Request 'Call me back' and you'll be contacted shortly by an English speaking adviser from our main insurance partner, Helvetia. That's because you rarely only need one type of insurance and you deserve the best, hassle-free service that is also adapted for internationals living in Switzerland

During your call you can discuss only your SWICA health insurance, but know that your Helvetia adviser can advise on all important types of insurance an expat in Switzerland needs and should take. 

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SWICA – the innovative health insurer that adapts to YOUR lifestyle

We know that every person is unique, with unique needs. This is why SWICA offers customizable packages that go beyond basic health insurance:

Innovative telemedicine options at your fingertips

Get consultations via SWICA's BENECURA app. From symptoms check to preparing for a doctor’s appointment, and safely storing your documents, the BENECURA app (the first medical app of a health insurer in Switzerland) will soon become your go-to for any health-related concerns.

TytoHome – the state-of-the-art device for self-examination

Not sure if you need to see a doctor? SWICA is the first European health insurer to offer its customers the possibility to use TytoHome wherever they are. This innovative device allows you to carry out seven medical exams by yourself, wherever you are, and then share and discuss the results with santé24 healthcare experts and doctors. 

Complete online services

Do you dread bureaucracy? So do we! That’s why at SWICA you can use a range of online services, from the comfort of your own home or when you are out on the go. The mySWICA platform allows you to calculate premiums, upload bills, search for the best hospital or doctor in your area, or access any information you need

Extra benefits that you’ll love

The best kind of medicine is the kind that focuses on prevention. SWICA helps you stay healthy – physically and mentally – by offering complimentary fitness subscriptions, massage appointments, or spa access.

Ready to leverage all these benefits and many others?

The right health insurance for you and your family is just a click away:

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