Why is Carvolution so popular among expats in Switzerland?
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Why is Carvolution so popular among expats in Switzerland?

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If you’re a foreigner in Switzerland, and like most expats, you might not know how long you’re staying here, buying or leasing a car will tie you up in a long contract, renting a car will cost an arm and a leg and ...these are pretty much all your options. Now there’s Carvolution. We chatted with Léa Miggiano, CEO and Co-founder of Carvolution, to understand why more foreigners living in Switzerland decide to drive a car on a subscription. 

Say hello to your new car

Think of a car subscription as a Netflix subscription (or any other kind of subscription, for that matter). You pay a fixed fee per month and nothing else. When it comes to cars, this is difficult to believe, because so many costs are involved. 

Enter Carvolution, the service that made it all easier with a subscription model where everything except fuel (or charging, for electric vehicles) is included in the fixed monthly fee. What does 'everything' mean? Insurance, taxes, service and maintenance, cantonal registration, tires, first toll sticker and a fuel or a charging card for electric cars.

It’s simple really. You choose your car on the Carvolution website and configure your subscription in a few easy steps. There’s no downpayment - all you pay is your monthly subscription fee and from there on, you only have to refuel or charge your car yourself. And, of course, clean it from time to time.

What makes Carvolution such a convenient option for expats?

To give a complete answer to this question, we chatted with Léa Miggiano, CEO and Co-founder of Carvolution.

Find out from Carvolution customers what it's like to have a car subscription. Read Abby's and Dezso's story here. 

Why is Carvolution so great for foreigners living in Switzerland?

Some expats don’t know in advance how long they will stay here, some have short assignments, and others just don’t want to bother with the paperwork. With us they have low expenses while still having flexibility, convenience and peace of mind.

What about the duration of the contract? What if, like most foreigners in Switzerland, I have no idea how long I’ll be here?

You pick the minimum contract duration, whether it’s for 3, 6 or 36 months. After the minimum duration has passed, you can keep your car, change or return it any time with 30 days’ notice.

Tell us more about payment, I see there’s an ‘initial cost’ of 390 CHF. What’s that?

Once you book the car, this is what we’ll charge you: an initial flat fee of 390 CHF we charge one time only, which covers the registration and the order of your new license plates, as well as 2 monthly fees, which we charge in advance because we don’t require any security deposit. After that, you pay a fixed monthly price and that’s it.

How about the paperwork? 

To get a Carvolution subscription, we’ll need your residence permit, your employment contract and your last salary statement for the credit check. And that’s it, no hassle really.

Can my spouse or any other family member or friend drive the car as well?

Of course. It is your car and you can choose who you allow at the wheel. There’s only one rule: the driver must have a driver’s license that’s valid in Switzerland.

How do costs for a car subscription compare to leasing or buying a car?

We’ve made a rough calculation and taking all costs into account, a car subscription really is more affordable. On our website you can find comparisons for all other cars.

What kind of cars do you offer?

We have over 40 different models from different brands and types, from small cars to SUVs and some awesome electric cars (Polestar and VW ID.4). And what’s also very important is that our cars are top-equipped, we want Carvolutioners to feel safe and comfortable.

Why do you think car subscriptions are becoming more and more popular?

I think there's a new way of seeing cars, or a new generation of people who are not willing to invest a lot of time and money in a car they don't use so often. We're well aware of this and Carvolution is giving people a choice - you can choose how much you drive and your monthly fee is lower if you're an occasional driver. 

With us, people can drive a new car affordably, and much easier than buying or leasing. They get everything they need for their car from a single source and save money on top of that. Since fewer and fewer people want to be tied to the same car for several years (regardless of whether they are Swiss or expats), we offer full flexibility. Our customers drive their car for as long as they want. 

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