How is a car subscription making your life easier?
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How is a car subscription making your life easier?

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More and more foreigners living in Switzerland decide to drive a car on a subscription. And this is because Carvolution, the most popular car subscription service in Switzerland, is making life easier for people like Abby, Dezso, Shekhar or Sean, just a few Carvolution customers who shared their story with us. 

Say hello to your new car

As you know, we love sharing stories that speak about ways of making expat life easier, so today we pass the mic to Carvolution customers to hear how their expat life became easier with Carvolution.

In case you haven't heard of Carvolution, have a look at this interview with Léa Miggiano, Carvolution CEO and Co-founder where she explains why more and more foreigners in Switzerland choose to drive a car on a subscription


How Carvolution made life easier for Abby

Abby moved with her family from Vienna to Switzerland for work. She is originally from the United States but she loves living in Switzerland now and - as you can see in the picture above - has the warmest smile. Here are her words about the experience with Carvolution and how it has made her expat life easier.

Abby, how did you find out about Carvolution?

We knew we needed a second car while living in Switzerland because my husband and I both work and we need the flexibility. Our relocation consultant mentioned Carvolution as an option for our family.

Did you consider other options than the car subscription?

Yes, we looked at other companies where we could have the opportunity to rent or purchase a vehicle.

What convinced you about Carvolution’s car subscription?

«Carvolution is a very simple solution. As a customer, I had the flexibility to test drive vehicles that interested me, decide what contract was best for my situation and walk away knowing that my insurance, maintenance, and tires would be taken care of within the contract.»


What car did you choose?

BMW x1 hybrid. I wanted something small yet with enough space for my kids. The hybrid feature gives me flexibility to drive on all electric or gas when needed.

Have you changed your car yet?

No, because I was able to test drive it, I chose a perfect vehicle for my needs.

What do you like in particular?

Their team was very hospitable and accommodating.

To whom would you recommend Carvolution?

I would recommend it to any expat who is in need of a car and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to lease or purchase from an actual dealership.


How Carvolution made life easier for Shekhar

Shekhar is originally from India, but moved to the US in 1982. He's a seasoned professional in the semiconductor chip making industry and he's now in Switzerland working at tech company on a two-year assignment. 

How did you find out about Carvolution?

When my wife and I arrived in Switzerland in June 2021, our relocation consultant from Packimpex mentioned Carvolution. In my apartment building and the area I live I see a lot of people with Carvolution cars. When you see it everywhere, you know it’s a good sign. So, of course, it soon became one of the top choices on my list.

Did you consider other options than the car subscription?

I first considered buying a new car. But then I looked at the prices and the depreciation for the first two years, which is huge. It wasn’t an economically sound decision. Then I looked into secondhand cars, but it was very hard to find the type of car I was interested in on this market.

After all this research, Carvolution started to look more and more like the best solution. I don’t have to worry about anything, not even depreciation. When I go back to the US in two years, I can simply give the car back and not worry about selling it at a loss.

How has Carvolution made your life easier?

Imagine being completely new to a country where you don’t speak the language, but you have to find a mechanic. How would I be able to do that? Carvolution already told me about a good mechanic where I can change the tires and it’s really close to my home.

For any maintenance, I know exactly where to go. Plus, I don’t have to worry about insurance, taxes, or any other things related to car ownership in a foreign country.

I have to say, Carvolution is a much better solution for expats coming to Switzerland – better than trying to figure out everything on your own.

What are you using your car for?

«I use for quite normal things, like driving to the office a few times a week. But I guess the real reason we got a car is because we are here for a short time and we want to explore all the beautiful places in Switzerland. That would be almost impossible without a car. We have been to many amazing places already: Engelberg, Montreux, Luzern, Locarno. And also abroad, we’ve been to Toulouse in France and to Freiburg in Germany. We can’t wait to see more interesting places with our new car.»


What convinced you about Carvolution’s car subscription?

The people there, the Carvolution team - I have to say I was impressed by their friendliness. We picked our car up in Bannwil, at the Carvolution headquarters. The people we met there were very friendly and went far beyond the scope of their work. They answered any question I had (and I had plenty of them!). When I received my car for instance - our consultant was patient and he even took the time to tell us about the blue parking zones in Switzerland. Since we are from USA and newcomers here, we had no idea about this.

Which car did you choose?

This was an easy choice - a Ford Puma hybrid. I had already owned Hybrid cars in the US so I knew that technology and also it had the best value for money really.

How about the Carvolution app, do you use it?

Yes, I changed my kilometer package through the app. At first, when I chose my subscription, I chose a kilometer package of 1,250 km, but because of COVID I did not drive that much. So I changed to 850 km. I’m sure that I will change it back to 1,250 km in summer, when we will drive around and explore more.


How Carvolution made life easier for Dezso

Dezso has lived on 3 different continents and in 4 different countries. He grew up in Hungary, moved to Germany, Australia, Singapore, and now lives in Switzerland. In June 2020, the company he works for relocated him to Switzerland, where he lives near Basel. 

How did you find out about Carvolution?

When I moved to Switzerland, Packimpex helped me get settled. I need a vehicle for my work
and they introduced me to Carvolution.

Did you consider other options than the car subscription?

Yes, I looked into it, but overall the Carvolution car subscription was the most suitable.

What convinced you about Carvolution’s car subscription?

From the beginning, the communication was very clear and the overall service around the car convinced me. In addition, the people at Carvolution are very dynamic and you can feel that as a customer, which gives me a good feeling.

How has Carvolution made your life easier?

«I don’t have to worry about insurance, tires or even storage. Carvolution’s car subscription is super convenient, the service is super fast and easy to understand. It takes the hassle out of car ownership.»


How did the booking process go?

In one word: smoothly. It’s simple and clear. I choose my kilometer package, my duration, my deductible and canton of residence. After that, I picked my car up in Bannwil.

Which car did you choose?

My wife and I drive a Ford Puma and we’re very happy with it. It brings us safely to our destination. I wanted a car that was practical and big, because I'm quite tall.

Do you use the app?

Yes, the app is very useful. It tells us how many kilometers we’ve already driven and I even can adjust the kilometre package directly in the app.

Who would you recommend Carvolution to?

To anyone who values their free time. The all-inclusive service is very convenient and the people at Carvolution are very friendly.


How Carvolution made life easier for Sean

Hi Sean! Tell us about yourself.

My wife and I moved to Lausanne last year for work after 15 years in Washington, DC. We live in the city center just north of the train station. We’re passionate hikers, so when we’re not working, you’ll most likely find us exploring the trails in Vaud and Valais.

What an excellent way to spend your free time! How did you find out about Carvolution?

When we first got here, we were looking into getting a car for the duration of our stay. It was my wife’s employer who recommended Carvolution as an alternative to traditional buying or leasing. We chose Carvolution because we got better prices for better cars from Carvolution than from other agents. Secondly, we liked to have everything all in one place, especially the insurance. We don’t have the time or the local knowledge to chase the best insurance or the best car mechanic in our area, so we were happy to learn than Carvolution takes all this off our table.

What car did you choose and why?

The BMW 118i. My wife and I wanted a small but reliable car that would be just as good at navigating the tiny streets in cities across Europe as it is in climbing up to the good hiking spots in Valais.

In what way is life with Carvolution easier?

As an expatriate living abroad, there is a lot to figure out on your own. Some of that is part of the fun of relocating, but I appreciate that Carvolution has made insurance, and car maintenance or tire changes a non-issue. It frees up my time to focus on the fun things and drive carefree wherever I want.

What do you like about Carvolution in particular?

How straightforward it is to get a car through Carvolution. We wanted a car right away – for trips to the big box stores, for hiking trips (we arrived in springtime). But there are 10,000 other things to do when you first arrive in a country. I don’t even know if I could have legally owned or leased a car before my I received my official residence permit. Carvolution made all of that a non-issue -- we had a car within a few weeks and we were ready to explore!

Would you recommend Carvolution? And if yes, to whom?

I would definitely recommend Carvolution to new arrivals in Switzerland or to people who prefer a more flexible car ownership model.

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